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FACT 1: Erection worsened by sharp changes in blood sugar levels

Metabolic syndrome can develop with the use of sugar-containing products and lead to inflammation in the vessels. Because erection is the blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, blood sugar spikes may occur if between meals passes more than three hours.

FACT 2: Erection weakens due to condom

Latex reduces the sensitivity of the penis, and without its sufficient stimulation reduces sexual arousal. It can be even lower if the lubricant is the lidocaine. This anesthetic is used to delay ejaculation. But temporarily disabling tissue sensitivity can reduce an erection. So look closely at the label.

FACT about Kamagra

My urologist said that everything is OK, but the therapist said that my blood supply is not enough so I ordered Kamagra online, I found best price on Kamagra at Kamagrad. It worked incredibly well and I had such an orgasm that I thought the bed would be broken!

FACT 3: Apollos have better erections

A man with an athletic figure without a beer tummy is less likely to have erection problems. After all, the body synthesizes the female hormone estrogen – an antagonist of testosterone from fat on the abdomen.

FACT 4: Lack of sleep affects the hormonal status

When there is a lack of sleep in the man’s body increases the level of prolactin, a hormone that stimulates the production of female milk. Plus, the synthesis of somatotropin, a hormone that prevents obesity, is reduced. As a result, the hormonal status of a man becomes like that of a nursing woman. The good news is that you can sleep the missing amount of sleep, but only if you do it in the next 24 hours.

FACT 5: Giving up meat doesn’t turn you into a woman

Testosterone synthesis occurs only with the participation of cholesterol. And it is only in animal products. On this basis, we can assume that the rejection of meat, dairy products, and eggs causes loss of potency because the production of the male hormone will decrease. But this is not the case – only 20% of cholesterol the body takes from food, the rest of it, fortunately, synthesizes itself.

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